Hey Soul Mommas,

When is the last time you did something for the first time? Spring is a great time to take on some new projects. Society wants you to Spring clean (blah) but you can do so much more. Here are a few different projects you can start this Spring and see progress by this Summer!

1. Plant herbs! – Starting a small garden is rewarding. Try growing mint, cilantro, and basil and work your way up to peppers! If you are consistent with the care of your herbs, they can be ready to eat by Summer!

2. Learn to crochet! – This is something that can be very relaxing. The weather is nice so learning to crochet outside on the porch with a glass of lemonade will be relaxation at its finest! Crochet with soul using some reds, greens and of course some black and by Summer you can create cool rasta beanies to wear over your Marley twists!

3. Yoga! – Of course I’m gonna suggest something to stay active! This Spring is a great time to grab some yoga pants and a yoga mat to begin practicing. Clear your mind and treat your body. This is a project that can potentially turn into a lifestyle. By Summer you can be doing headstands. Try it out you may become a Yogi!

4. Pick up an instrument! – Yes I went there! Chose an instrument you have absolutely no experience with. Look into classes in your area to learn how to play. This is very exciting because with commitment and practice you can be playing well enough to know a couple of tunes by Summer! I am thinking of picking up the sax this Spring! I have played the piano most of my life and this year I am believing in new beginnings!

This season step outside of your normal day to day activities and try some of these projects. Why? As an adult it is easy to get caught up in work and we forget to make time for ourselves. If you are like me, you love to be exposed to new things! I am going to take up all of the projects I listed above along with my normal work, fitness and church/worship schedule. I like to feel productive and I love learning at my own pace. These suggestions aren’t new but they are some things you wouldn’t normally try!

Try one or all and if you have any more ideas on projects to pick up this Spring please feel free to let me know! Anything you choose to do, do it with soul!


Soul Momma Meal Prep

Hey Soul Mommas,

Part of being a soul momma is dedicating your time and effort into your body. Your body is your temple and needs to be treated well for the rest of your years. The way you treat your hair, skin, nails and figure is all a reflection of your discipline and overall well being. Society meets the outer you before they meet the inner you so keeping yourself looking healthy is very important! I say this to say putting great food on the inside makes your journey to a beautiful outside so much easier!

If you are a soul momma looking for a way to change your eating habits, meal preparation is a great way to start! Depending on your goals for toning up, you can stay on track just by preparing your foods ahead of time.

Here’s some steps and tips on meal preparation that can help you get started on healthier eating:

Decide if you would prefer to meal prep vegetarian, vegan, organic, one ingredient foods, or a regular diet and create a grocery list that remains in budget and will allow you to create well balanced meals.

Go to the grocery store! Stick to your shopping plan and while you are out you need to pick up small food containers. For a 6 day meal prep you will need about 24 small containers. These are not expensive and can be found at Walmart Supercenter or Target.



Begin prep! Usually Sunday evening is a great time to cook up your meals. Take your time to carefully cook and place all of your food items.


After you prepare your meals, store your containers in the fridge to keep everything fresh.


Now that you have an idea of how meal preparation works here are some tips I use to stay on track:


Tip1.The reason I use 24 containers is because normal breakfast for me does not require a container. Fruit, yogurt, breakfast bars and/or a smoothie would be examples of my 1st meal of 5. It is recommended to have 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going strong and your energy high!


Tip 2. I prepare meals for 6 days because Sunday is when I have what is called my “cheat meal”.. on Sunday I have breakfast, lunch and my cheat meal. A cheat meal is not necessary however it does help ease cravings and prevents me from cheating during the week.


Tip 3. Sample meals


Cut apples, grapes, baby carrots, grilled salmon, brown rice, raw spinach


Ground turkey, sweet potato, green beans, strawberries and banana


Raw spinach, lettuce, tomato, boiled egg, grilled chicken, wheat crouton, low fat dressing, orange slices


Season your foods to taste great! 


Tip 4. Drink 2liters of water per day. Have your vitamins and have fruit juices during dinner!

Okay soul mommas, you have steps and tips to meal prep for the week! Remember to reach your goals you should also remain active! Walk, jog or run to see some great results!

If you have any tips on meal preparation and example meals please share them with me!

Soul Mommas – Soul Naturalistas

2015-03-26-14-53-26-2004761657Hey Soul Mommas,

There is nothing more exciting about hair more than having natural hair. Many are just beginning the natural hair journey, many decided years ago that this is the best option for me and some never had relaxers! I big chopped May 28, 2012 and my journey has been amazing! I don’t believe you “go natural” you are going back to natural and that is an accomplishment to embrace the natural you!

Here I want to discuss some Do’s and Don’ts about keeping a positive mindset while being a new naturalista and just some tips for the old ones! If you are natural you have already accepted your pattern so the hard part is done..lol so here goes!


1. Do set goals! – Length and thickness goals are a great way to track growth of your growing locs. Its okay to set goals but try not put a deadline on your goals and just go with the flow…your hair is not going to stop growing!

2. Do keep in touch with your natural friends & family! – These people are going to encourage you! Even natural hair strangers will! Hair is a great conversation starter and brings women together as well! Having natural friends and family around is a great way to get opinions and ideas on new styles, colors and cuts..stick to these good people!

3. Do change it up! – Sometimes being a new natural you want to change your hair for certain occasions. THATS OK AND DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANY LESS NATURAL! Staying positive is all about feeling good on the outside too. If weaving it up feels good to you, do it! Change is good and weaves can be protective for natural hair. Just make sure to continue to take great care of your curls!


1. Don’t compare your journey, texture and length with others. Why because everyone is different! It is so easy to get discouraged this way.

2. Don’t listen to any negative opinions. There will be individuals who will tell you to get a relaxer. Stay in character and handle them well!


1. Pay attention to those ends..the ends of your hair are the oldest and needs special care..this is important for length retention!

2. Prenatal Vitamins are great for rapid growth..pregnant or not these work! Have one with plenty of water and you can see thicker hair in the first month with continued care for your hair.

3. Eat clean! If you feed your hair from the inside it is going to flourish.!

4. Moisturize! Dry hair is like dead plants! Dont let it happen! My favorite oil is grapeseed oil! I put this on damp hair to seal in moisture on wash days! Coconut oil is also a fave. Just become one with your moisturizer.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful!

Got any other tips for the newbies on staying positive and hair care please share!

Artist Spotlight-Yuna

Before I get to the music, Yuna has a style that is simply beautiful! Her wardrobe gives you that Malaysian flavor that no other artists of today possesses. Yuna normally rocks a headwrap with lively colors and some simple denims keeping it light yet sassy! yuna

Now to the music! You have probably heard her music before on shows like Being Mary Jane or Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Her sounds are very soulful with simple messages. I like to call her music indie soul. Her song “Lullabies” is a melody most ladies can relate to! At age 28 Yuna is an artist that has substance and is also an artist that is very underrated. When you get the chance check her out on Youtube! This is an artist you will become addicted to!

Hey Soul Mommas!

Soul Mommas is a blog designed to address the positives of young motherhood, natural beauty, music and nutrition! I’ll be featuring here:

-artists who inspire

-foods, drinks and herbs for pregnant and breastfeeding mommas

-natural products for hair, skin and nails

-products that promote natural parenting and parenting with soul.

Just a little bit about myself and the inspiration behind Soul Mommas…

Hi! I’m Jazz born December 1990 in Houston, Texas. I am a graduate of Lamar University! I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice in May 2013 with aspirations of becoming a detective. Shortly after graduation I took a job as a teacher’s aide here in Houston and decided that I would rather pursue a career as a teacher!

(scatterbrained.. I know!)

Anyway on February 27, 2015, I gave birth to my daughter Azaria and chose to exclusively breastfeed her. This was my first pregnancy and I decided to document most of my activity and what I ate just to share with other young mothers about birthing a healthy baby!

Here’s why I decided to birth Soul Mommas:

Much of what will be featured here are things that go unnoticed! Not because it isn’t a good product, or good music, or good food but more because it isn’t well known! Let’s face it, great neo soul artists will not get the same exposure as Beyoncé and natural products and natural parenting is not trendy! So finding information, deals and reviews on these things are rare! Soul Mommas is designed for “the differents” out there, people who are apart from what everyone else is conformed to, and people who appreciate and know what isn’t well-known!

I hope you find your connection here with me! Feel free to share what you know, that I may not, whether it is food, music, products, hair or being a young  momma with soul! I’ll share many of my experiences as I was not able to find a lot of information on much of what I wanted or needed while pregnant and even after birth!

You dont have to be a mom to connect with me!

Cheers to an everlasting vacation from the mainstream!