Soul Mommas – Soul Naturalistas

Hey Soul Mommas,

There is nothing more exciting about hair more than having natural hair. Many are just beginning the natural hair journey, many decided years ago that this is the best option for me and some never had relaxers! I big chopped May 28, 2012 and my journey has been amazing! I don’t believe you “go natural” you are going back to natural and that is an accomplishment to embrace the natural you!

Here I want to discuss some Do’s and Don’ts about keeping a positive mindset while being a new naturalista and just some tips for the old ones! If you are natural you have already accepted your pattern so the hard part is so here goes!


1. Do set goals! – Length and thickness goals are a great way to track growth of your growing locs. Its okay to set goals but try not put a deadline on your goals and just go with the flow…your hair is not going to stop growing!

2. Do keep in touch with your natural friends & family! – These people are going to encourage you! Even natural hair strangers will! Hair is a great conversation starter and brings women together as well! Having natural friends and family around is a great way to get opinions and ideas on new styles, colors and cuts..stick to these good people!

3. Do change it up! – Sometimes being a new natural you want to change your hair for certain occasions. THATS OK AND DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANY LESS NATURAL! Staying positive is all about feeling good on the outside too. If weaving it up feels good to you, do it! Change is good and weaves can be protective for natural hair. Just make sure to continue to take great care of your curls!


1. Don’t compare your journey, texture and length with others. Why because everyone is different! It is so easy to get discouraged this way.

2. Don’t listen to any negative opinions. There will be individuals who will tell you to get a relaxer. Stay in character and handle them well!


1. Pay attention to those ends..the ends of your hair are the oldest and needs special care..this is important for length retention!

2. Prenatal Vitamins are great for rapid growth..pregnant or not these work! Have one with plenty of water and you can see thicker hair in the first month with continued care for your hair.

3. Eat clean! If you feed your hair from the inside it is going to flourish.!

4. Moisturize! Dry hair is like dead plants! Dont let it happen! My favorite oil is grapeseed oil! I put this on damp hair to seal in moisture on wash days! Coconut oil is also a fave. Just become one with your moisturizer.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful!

Got any other tips for the newbies on staying positive and hair care please share!


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