Hey Soul Mommas,

As you know I promised to give you reviews and details on the products that go unnoticed, not as popular and new that are not getting reviews! This product is sitting on the shelves of Target and I have not seen reviews on it YET! I’m pretty sure they will pop up after this one! lol!

I picked this up because it was sitting in the section with all the well known brands and it caught my eye with its bright green bottle! I began reading everything it had to offer and the price and took off to the checkout counter!

I am reviewing MopTop Gentle Shampoo and giving you the rundown on every aspect of this product I can think of!


I purchased MopTop for $10.99 for a 8oz bottle at Target!

budget lovely 0$ to 7$

budget friendly 8$ to 12$ (MopTop is HERE)

budget enemy 12$ and above!

MopTop is budget friendly!

Now this product has on the front of the bottle what every naturalista is looking for! It shows that this is a very gentle shampoo infused with sea botanicals, aloe and honey! It also has that it works for oily, normal, dry, damaged, and color treated hair! At the bottom it shows that this product is for all textures including thin, straight, wavy loose curls, curly and kinky coily hair! The very best and most imperative feature on this pretty bottle is that this product is dye free, silicone free, paraben free, soy free and phthalate free.

The MopTop Experience

The scent is a very fresh scent that smells so sweet I wished it were edible! It is light and airy and lingered in my hair following my wash. The scent was amazing to say the least.

For a no sulfate shampoo, the lather on this shampoo is very heavy. I absolutely love a great lather. I did not feel as though my hair was being stripped but I felt the very gentle cleansing that is in the name.

When I was ready to rinse, I was able to clean rinse this product in a matter of seconds from each section. It did not feel like it was still in my hair. I was also having a terrible itch and this shampoo eased that tremendously! The clean is very evident after the rinse. My hair felt lighter and my curls were poppin’!

While washing, I wash my hair in 6 sections so I was able to get a great clean throughout my scalp. While massaging my ends I really felt this shampoo was gentle here as well.

Soul Mommas I highly recommend MopTop as this product does what it says. At least it did for me! This product receives a 9.5 of 10 on the Soul Scale!

Soul Mommas if you have any questions regarding my experience please feel free to ask! Or if you have your own experience with MopTop please share!

Any questions about MopTop visit their website at


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