Hump Day the Soul Way

Hey Soul Mommas,

Its hump day again! This week I’m going to share with you a do it yourself all natural face mask that will deep clean, moisturize and give you a midweek glow! This mask is very simple to make using  ingredients you may not have to leave your home for!

Here is what you’ll need to create an awesome all natural face mask:

“The Green Clean”

I tbs of honey

I large ripe avocado

I tbs of virgin olive oil

2 tbs of lemon juice

I egg white

Mash up your avocado into a small bowl and add the lemon juice to soften. Next add all of the other ingredients mixing and mashing as you go.

To use: cleanse face using your normal routine.. apply this mask evenly on your skin. Next, let the mask rest 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse your face thoroughly so that all of the mask is completely rinsed away.

This mask should leave you with a moisturized, smooth face! You will have a light fluffy feel for the last couple of days in your week.

Other tips to funk this up for ya!

Tip:Got some cucumber or kiwi lying around? Cut a couple of slices and place them on your closed eyelids. This will help take away those dark circles around the eyes.

Tip:Now this mask consist of all edible ingredients but please don’t eat it! You can however place a little on the lips and rinse to relieve dry lips.

Tip: Get this mask going right before bed. When you wake up for work you can do a very simple wash and moisturizer before applying your primer and make up.

Tip:You can follow this mask by rubbing a little apple cider vinegar over the skin with cotton balls. The vinegar acts as a natural skin toner.

Soul Mommas if you have any other face mask recipes please feel free to share! I WOULD LOVE TO FEATURE YOU AND YOUR IDEAS ON SOUL MOMMAS!  Like comment share and subscribe!


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