Moday Motivation for the Soul

Hey Soul Mommas,

I look forward to season changes so much I change my hair regimen,  my skin regimen,  my personal projects, my nail colors, my wardrobe and even my choice of foods. I love driving into a new part of the year. I look to season changes as fresh starts, to accomplish something special by the end of it.

This past February,  I gave birth to my first child and I am more determined

 than ever to be at my goal weight before Spring ends. I am also ready as ever to sculpt, tone and revive my entire body to be even healthier than it ever has been! My six weeks of postpartum recovery is now complete and I plan to go back go to a very active routine.

This Spring, I am looking to try new ways to get active. I want to encourage my soul mommas to do the same! I am already very health and fitness oriented however some exercises can be repetitive causing a little boredom and some lost of enthusiasm.

Here are some simple but very effective tips that I am going to try to make my fitness regimen a little more exciting! I am recommending this to my soul mommas, new mommas, and all the other mommas because change is absolutely wonderful and health is important.

Tip one: Get a partner! Simple. If you find someone as motivated as you are to be fit, you wont let them fail and they wont allow you to fail at your goals. Make goals together, compete with one another and stay on each other constantly. If you have a significant other I strongly suggest getting them involved as this can be a great aspect of a healthy relationship.

Tip two: Join a local bootcamp. Check out a bootcamp with your friends. This is a great way to get a full body work out once or twice a week. Bootcamps are also a great way to meet individuals who are as serious as you are.

Tip three: Find new place to get your workout on. If you enjoy walking, running or jogging finding a new place to run gives you a change of scenery. Check out a new park in your area and just to be safe send a message to your good friends and let them know you are in a place different from your regular workout spot.

Tip four: Update your workout playlist. Get grooving to some new tunes that will further engage you in your workout routine. New music alone keeps the everyday routine feeling fresh.

Tip five: Simply do something different! If you do yoga all the time try palates. If you run all the time try jumping rope for cardio. There is something different to replace what you are already doing that will give you the maximum results you are looking for.

Tip six: New workout gear! When you look good you feel good! Go to your local sports store and grab a couple of tanks, pairs of tights, caps, socks and whatever else makes you feel like an athlete! New shoes helps a lot!

Soul Mommas I hope in some way these tips will help get you moving. Staying motivated is important for us to keep going. As I have stated these are tips that I am going to use and if you chose to do so as well, please feel free to contact me and let me know how these tips worked for you! Also if you have any ideas on staying motivated and consistent in your workout routine please share as well! LIKE COMMENT SHARE SUBSCRIBE!


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