Humpday for the Soul

Hey Soul Mommas and Happy Humpday!

Today I just want to briefly go over with you 5 ways to stay positive while going through your normal workday whether in the workplace or at home with your little ones.

Every now and then I find myself overwhelmed with work during the middle of the weekday. Here are a few steps I like to take just to make sure  this momma is ok!

1. Dont get so caught up in trying to get everything done.

Since I have become a mother, I have become somewhat of a work a holic. I do not feel productive if I did not accomplish every single detail of that day’s agenda. Just recently I realized I may not get eveything done and it is absolutely ok! If the dishes does not get washed nothing bad will come from this. I have to constantly remind myself that my entire home does not have to be cleaned for my children and I to sleep ok that evening. Even though I prefer to refresh my home daily, sometimes it is just not possible and not getting caught up in getting everything done gives me a since of relief.

2. Go outside!

Whether you are at work or a stay at home momma take some time to step outside and get some fresh air. Spending just a small amount of time with nature may give you a feeling of freedom. Take 10 minutes to pray or meditate in a quiet area just to get away from those walls that are closing in on you.

3. Grab something energizing to eat.

Yes momma get something that taste good to you and grub a little. Food is essential to your happiness and well-being. Instead of getting ice cream or chips grab some fruit, yogurt and almonds instead. Try to go for foods that will keep you feeling light but gives you plenty energy to continue during your day.

4. Refresh & Cleanse

Part of getting your mind right and getting rid of that heavy overwhelmed feeling is physically refreshing yourself. If you are at work, use your break time to wash your face and use your travel wipes to cleanse your chest, underarms and other areas, wash your hands and don’t forget to moisturize! If you are at home take a quick shower with your favorite natural body wash. Right after, put on a natural moisturizing lotion. Feeling a little fresher may get you going throughout the rest of your day a little more carefree.

5. Listen to a groove.

Ok momma, anytime I have gotten to worked up at work or at home with the girls I can rap along to just one track from College Dropout and feel 100% better. Choose music that makes you happy or takes you back , hookup your headphones and just listen and see how much better your day finishes! Music never fails to take me to a different head space. I believe this can work for you as well.

6. Text Bae. Ha!

Soul mommas, you don’t have to use every single one of these suggestions in the same day. Just 1 or 2 of these steps can get you through a tough day! I strongly suggest number 3! Eat momma! Feed your mind and body! Remember too that life is a little of what happens to you and more of how you respond to what happens to you. Your day is truly what you make it so stay positive and get the job done!



What was in My Hospital Bag?!


If you are preparing to give birth here are some of the budget friendly items I had packed in my hospital bag that most mommas will forget to tell you about!

You already know to pack all of your essentials such as toothpaste, face wash and the hospital provides you with everything you need for your baby plus almost everything you need for you. You still need these things though!

Packing my hospital bag for both deliveries was exciting for me. It was as if I was going on a weekend vacation. My hospital stay was like being on vacation! I guess it all makes sense? LOL ok So here goes what I packed and why I packed it!

Preparation H cooling gel and cooling wipes- In my last month of pregnancy I had what I call the hemorrhoids from HELL! I had prescribed cream as well but please note that these wipes are effective.

Iron supplement- Iron is essential for afterbirth. With childbirth comes blood loss so I had my iron on hand to replenish my loss of iron during birth. Iron along with prenatal vitamins are good too continue after birth especially for breastfeeding mommas.

Robe- Please momma, purchase a thick, long, comfortable robe. You are going to need it. Thankfully my aunt had blessed me with one but straight to the point this made breastfeeding a breeze, so was walking around warm and completely covered up.

Tummy Wrap- This will most likely be provided to you if you have a C-section but if you don’t you might not get one. You can purchase inexpensive tummy support wraps at Marshalls or even Target. This helps with posture and getting the abdomen back into place as your uterus begins its shrinking process.

Depends- Don’t laugh it is not funny. These are so comfortable to have for postpartum protection. Way better than those mesh panties from the hospital. The Depends are all the protection you need while sleeping!

Chap stick- After pushing that baby out you may feel very dry all over. Have your chap stick on hand. You wont believe how hydrated you will feel from just making your lips a little moisturized.

Ok mommas these are the main things I wanted to mention that were in my bag but here is everything else I packed.

  • Black sweat pants
  • Large T-shirts
  • Night dresses
  • Body wash and face wash (Giovanni Grapefruit Sky & Mary Kay 3in1 Cleanser)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (Toms)
  • Socks and house slippers (Forever 21)
  • Shea Moisture Body Butter
  • Baby clothes, mittens and booties  (for photos)
  • Nursing bras
  • Deodorant (Toms)
  • Hair Ties, scarf and shower caps
  • Cheese crackers
  • Headphones

So Soul Mommas, when it’s almost time, be prepared! You are going to thank yourself for having absolutely everything you need. Those cheese crackers will come in handy when you are hungry, tired and in between the lunch and dinner hours at the hospital! Thank you for reading! Please like, share, comment and subscribe!




Skincare Regimen While Pregnant..

On my social media sites, I mentioned that I would share my skincare habits I developed to take care of my skin during my pregnancy so here it is!

Throughout my second pregnancy I was very worried about my skin being stretchy and covered in stretched marks so I took much more care of my skin this time so that this wouldn’t be the end result after birth.


I showered twice Monday through Friday. Why? During this pregnancy I was working at the YMCA and my job required me to be very active with the children in our program. We spent at least an hour outdoors everyday and when I got home from work I just felt the need to wash off “the day”. So Monday through Friday I showered once in the morning before work and once in the evening. On Saturdays and Sundays where I spent my time resting I would just shower in the evenings before bed. I felt heavy so it was important to me that I always felt fresh. My products of choice were Olay Ultra Moisture Bar Soap (unscented) and Giovanni  Cleanse Grapefruit Sky Body Wash. I always would cleanse with the bar first followed by exfoliating with the body wash second. To be honest, having a retractable shower head makes a world of difference than having a standard shower head. You can rinse and cleanse directly where you need to. I paid special attention to my abdomen, thighs and feet because these areas are where I thought I would be stretching out the most.


After each shower I would use Shea Moisture Hibiscus and Coconut Skin Firming and Toning Body Butter directly on my abdomen, and thighs while skin is still a little damp. The rest of my body I used my regular go to lotion Nivea Extended Moisture and all over I would seal the moisture of the lotion with Johnson’s Oil with Shea and Cocoa Butter. I know that adding the Shea Moisture Body Butter to my regimen helped improve my skin tremendously. My first pregnancy left my skin with stretchmarks from my belly button to my waist and during this pregnancy those marks faded to barely visible. Hmmmm…

Face Care and Face Moisturizing

So, I truly believe during pregnancy my face was taking on some hits so I had to come up with something to combat my dry scaling skin on my face. To keep my skin glowing and looking healthy, on Wednesdays and Fridays I did a face mask. It wasn’t my usual homemade ones because I needed something tough! I used Mary Kay Time Wise 3 in 1 Cleanser for normal to dry skin. I would put this on my wet skin and leave it for about 30 minutes and rinse with cool water. After, I would moisturize my skin using a small amount of Nivea Extended Moisture lotion. Honey, I was cleansed and glowing!

Foot Care  

Most women deal with swelling feet in those last weeks of pregnancy and in my first pregnancy  I did as well. This time around I was making time to get a professional pedicure done every 2 weeks and did my own foot cleansing and moisturizing everyday with the products mentioned above. I did not have any swelling even though I had gained more weight. I was able to combat dry skin just using my normal skin care routine along with the pedicure I would get biweekly. Right now, my postpartum feet are very dry! As soon as I find a solution to this current madness I will post! Ha!

Whole Body Treatment

In my last days, I decided to get a prenatal massage at the Massage Envy of Pearland. It was amazing. It was a full body massage minus my abdomen area and I had it done right after I had taken a warm bath at home. I think the prenatal massage is a wonderful experience for any soon to be momma. This was a first for my but I’m definitely thinking of making a monthly massage part of my skincare routine.

Ok so, I didn’t use too many of my natural recipes as I normally would. Why? I felt as though my body had no affect from them during my first pregnancy. This time I went diving head first into many mainstream products, but they were working out for me so I continued. Yes! Soul mommas I’m going back to making my own face masks and scrubs and sharing them all with you! My skin is slowly calming down from those extreme hormonal changes so it should go back to accepting my DIY products!

I believe I have mentioned everything I used for care all of which I think are budget friendly! I used EOS shaving cream but who asked? LOL! Thank you for reading!  Please like, share and comment Soul Mommas!











Greetings Soul Mommas,

It has been nearly a year since I have shared any news, recipes or reviews! Please forgive me mommas as I have just given birth to my second daughter on March 10, 2016! I have skin, healing, hair and exercise regimens I have to share with you that I feel made this pregnancy so much smoother. I will also go into details about what was in my hospital bag and will be comparing both pregnancies so you the reader can get an idea of where I went wrong and where I went right!

This Spring season, Ill be focusing on eating clean, staying on a consistent excersise routine and learning to manage life with two children under two! I am here to share my experiences with you that are good and bad on young motherhood. Things will get very personal as I am sharing my story to help someone who may be in a similar circumstance.  Breastfeeding, co-parenting, dating, meal prep, and a whole lot more will be featured on Soul Mommas.

If you have any comments or questions about my experiences as a momma don’t hesitate to post! I’ll address it! Soul Mommas is for you!

 Stay tuned and share my blog!