Skincare Regimen While Pregnant..

On my social media sites, I mentioned that I would share my skincare habits I developed to take care of my skin during my pregnancy so here it is!

Throughout my second pregnancy I was very worried about my skin being stretchy and covered in stretched marks so I took much more care of my skin this time so that this wouldn’t be the end result after birth.


I showered twice Monday through Friday. Why? During this pregnancy I was working at the YMCA and my job required me to be very active with the children in our program. We spent at least an hour outdoors everyday and when I got home from work I just felt the need to wash off “the day”. So Monday through Friday I showered once in the morning before work and once in the evening. On Saturdays and Sundays where I spent my time resting I would just shower in the evenings before bed. I felt heavy so it was important to me that I always felt fresh. My products of choice were Olay Ultra Moisture Bar Soap (unscented) and Giovanni  Cleanse Grapefruit Sky Body Wash. I always would cleanse with the bar first followed by exfoliating with the body wash second. To be honest, having a retractable shower head makes a world of difference than having a standard shower head. You can rinse and cleanse directly where you need to. I paid special attention to my abdomen, thighs and feet because these areas are where I thought I would be stretching out the most.


After each shower I would use Shea Moisture Hibiscus and Coconut Skin Firming and Toning Body Butter directly on my abdomen, and thighs while skin is still a little damp. The rest of my body I used my regular go to lotion Nivea Extended Moisture and all over I would seal the moisture of the lotion with Johnson’s Oil with Shea and Cocoa Butter. I know that adding the Shea Moisture Body Butter to my regimen helped improve my skin tremendously. My first pregnancy left my skin with stretchmarks from my belly button to my waist and during this pregnancy those marks faded to barely visible. Hmmmm…

Face Care and Face Moisturizing

So, I truly believe during pregnancy my face was taking on some hits so I had to come up with something to combat my dry scaling skin on my face. To keep my skin glowing and looking healthy, on Wednesdays and Fridays I did a face mask. It wasn’t my usual homemade ones because I needed something tough! I used Mary Kay Time Wise 3 in 1 Cleanser for normal to dry skin. I would put this on my wet skin and leave it for about 30 minutes and rinse with cool water. After, I would moisturize my skin using a small amount of Nivea Extended Moisture lotion. Honey, I was cleansed and glowing!

Foot Care  

Most women deal with swelling feet in those last weeks of pregnancy and in my first pregnancy  I did as well. This time around I was making time to get a professional pedicure done every 2 weeks and did my own foot cleansing and moisturizing everyday with the products mentioned above. I did not have any swelling even though I had gained more weight. I was able to combat dry skin just using my normal skin care routine along with the pedicure I would get biweekly. Right now, my postpartum feet are very dry! As soon as I find a solution to this current madness I will post! Ha!

Whole Body Treatment

In my last days, I decided to get a prenatal massage at the Massage Envy of Pearland. It was amazing. It was a full body massage minus my abdomen area and I had it done right after I had taken a warm bath at home. I think the prenatal massage is a wonderful experience for any soon to be momma. This was a first for my but I’m definitely thinking of making a monthly massage part of my skincare routine.

Ok so, I didn’t use too many of my natural recipes as I normally would. Why? I felt as though my body had no affect from them during my first pregnancy. This time I went diving head first into many mainstream products, but they were working out for me so I continued. Yes! Soul mommas I’m going back to making my own face masks and scrubs and sharing them all with you! My skin is slowly calming down from those extreme hormonal changes so it should go back to accepting my DIY products!

I believe I have mentioned everything I used for care all of which I think are budget friendly! I used EOS shaving cream but who asked? LOL! Thank you for reading!  Please like, share and comment Soul Mommas!











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