What was in My Hospital Bag?!


If you are preparing to give birth here are some of the budget friendly items I had packed in my hospital bag that most mommas will forget to tell you about!

You already know to pack all of your essentials such as toothpaste, face wash and the hospital provides you with everything you need for your baby plus almost everything you need for you. You still need these things though!

Packing my hospital bag for both deliveries was exciting for me. It was as if I was going on a weekend vacation. My hospital stay was like being on vacation! I guess it all makes sense? LOL ok So here goes what I packed and why I packed it!

Preparation H cooling gel and cooling wipes- In my last month of pregnancy I had what I call the hemorrhoids from HELL! I had prescribed cream as well but please note that these wipes are effective.

Iron supplement- Iron is essential for afterbirth. With childbirth comes blood loss so I had my iron on hand to replenish my loss of iron during birth. Iron along with prenatal vitamins are good too continue after birth especially for breastfeeding mommas.

Robe- Please momma, purchase a thick, long, comfortable robe. You are going to need it. Thankfully my aunt had blessed me with one but straight to the point this made breastfeeding a breeze, so was walking around warm and completely covered up.

Tummy Wrap- This will most likely be provided to you if you have a C-section but if you don’t you might not get one. You can purchase inexpensive tummy support wraps at Marshalls or even Target. This helps with posture and getting the abdomen back into place as your uterus begins its shrinking process.

Depends- Don’t laugh it is not funny. These are so comfortable to have for postpartum protection. Way better than those mesh panties from the hospital. The Depends are all the protection you need while sleeping!

Chap stick- After pushing that baby out you may feel very dry all over. Have your chap stick on hand. You wont believe how hydrated you will feel from just making your lips a little moisturized.

Ok mommas these are the main things I wanted to mention that were in my bag but here is everything else I packed.

  • Black sweat pants
  • Large T-shirts
  • Night dresses
  • Body wash and face wash (Giovanni Grapefruit Sky & Mary Kay 3in1 Cleanser)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (Toms)
  • Socks and house slippers (Forever 21)
  • Shea Moisture Body Butter
  • Baby clothes, mittens and booties  (for photos)
  • Nursing bras
  • Deodorant (Toms)
  • Hair Ties, scarf and shower caps
  • Cheese crackers
  • Headphones

So Soul Mommas, when it’s almost time, be prepared! You are going to thank yourself for having absolutely everything you need. Those cheese crackers will come in handy when you are hungry, tired and in between the lunch and dinner hours at the hospital! Thank you for reading! Please like, share, comment and subscribe!





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