Six Natural Hair Hydration Tips!

Hey Mommas!

I want to share with you some natural hair tips for hydration and how they can be a huge benefit to your natural hair journey!  These are part of my routine and have helped my dry, coarse hair transform tremendously with growth, retention and overcoming heat damage.

As natural hair mommas, we know the seasons have different affects on our hair and sort of like how we dress for the season we must also make minor changes to our hair care routines.

In Winter I tend to have the dry spell going on the most and hydration is key to keeping my hair soft and moisturized. Here are my tips on what I think works and how often I like to use them.

6. Deep Condition

My deep condition of choice is Shea Moisture’s Extra Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. This helps strengthen my hair, soften my hair and also allows for it to lock in the moisturizing products that I plan to apply for styling. I usually leave this in for about 3-4 hours (its on while I clean up, dance, catch Netflix shows) then I complete the rest of my wash day. The cool thing about this product is, it’s also sold in small packets for $2.50 if you don’t want to spend too much money at once!



How often: weekly

5.  Q-Redew or spritz your hair daily and seal in moisture using good oils.

I’ve only tried the Q-Redew once but the results were fantastic! This is a handheld steam device used to restore moisture back into your hair. It give you the perfect amount of moisture to pre-poo or style. This can also be used just to moisturize the hair with your favorite moisturizer and oil.



If you don’t plan to buy a Q-Redew, a regular spray bottle is just as good! Spritz the hair and use the praying hands method to evenly coat the hair with a moisturizer and oil of your choice. Oil is applied last to seal in moisture.

Grapeseed Coconut Jojoba Almond Argon and Avocado are great oils to use to seal and protect your hair from root to ends.

If you are interested in purchasing the Q-Redew the link to the webpage is listed below.

How often: Daily

4. Drinking plenty of water

This is one of those “feed your hair from the inside” tips! You must drink water! Plenty of it too! Your body has to have the nutrients from water in order to properly sustain. You know this! Also consume food comprised of water such as fruit. Dehydrated mommas makes for dehydrated hair! No one wants parched hair.

How often: Hourly, Daily

3.  Hair washing with cold rinses

Wash your hair in warm water. This helps to dislodge dirt oil and sweat from the scalp. After you wash, rinse the hair in cool water. Rinsing the hair with cold water after washing and\or conditioning allows for the cuticles of your scalp to close locking in moisture.

How often: Weekly sometimes twice a week

2. Purchase a Moisturizer for daily use

Oil locks in moisture, but does not provide the moisture that’s why it is important to have a moisturizer on hand. Almost every single natural hair care line has a daily moisturizer! Head to your local Target and choose one that’s in your price range. My favorite is the Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk. The fragrance is incredible and it always leaves my hair feeling soft!




How often: Daily


Cotton pillow cases soak the moisture right from your hair for 6-8 hours as you are sleeping! Make sure your hair is covered and protected. Protective styles like braids, twist and knots need to be covered up in silk or satin to keep the moisture and the style. Even if you wear wigs, after removing you wig keep your hair protected for bedtime. Silk or satin pillow cases are also great. Double up if you sleep like I do!

How often: Daily


For someone who is dealing with heat damage these tips are excellent in helping with restoring your hair back to it’s natural curl pattern.

I know this can seem like a lot but your hair is a direct reflection of your overall health and wellness! You want to make sure your hair looks how you feel and that’s healthy. Im not talking style here, Im talking fullness, richness and thickness! Feed your hair and quench your hair’s thirst daily. Protect it from the day! Give you hair exceptional care and love it like you love you! Peace!

Link to purchase Q-Redew:



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