Why Won’t You Just Get Birth Control?! STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING

Hey Mommas,

This post is probably going to catch some fire. That’s ok! You need to be aware.

This is not to shame women for using contraceptives at all. Read this with an open mind.

Here’s My True Story!

I have never in my life ever used any type of birth control pill, shot, implant, IUD, patch or anything else of that nature.  Although I was vaccinated as a child, I have always been healthy with no major medical problems. Started having cycles at 13 and they have always been regular and about 4days. It’s actually been great. I never really have any issues with it so when it comes I embrace it. I actually buy new feminine products to try out and see if I like them. To put it the best way I know how me and my period has always been besties.  Never any pain, any excessive bleeding and never does it ever get in the way of my day to day activities.

At the age of 23 I was pregnant for the 1st time (no prior pregnancies whatsoever) and here I am having an extremely healthy pregnancy and an awesome delivery. I remember requesting to tie my tubes then but my doctor replied with a cool calm “no maam”. I said ok stitch me perfectly ok because I’m still fairly new down there! HAHA blah!

Fast forward to my 3 week postpartum check up. 3 weeks because I was in so much pain I thought I may have pulled a stitch or something. Dr. checking me out and she’s like “looking good Jazz just do this, this and that for the next 3 weeks and things should be fine.” I’m like “ok cool.” *I was in pain for 2 3/4 months postpartum*

Follow me the best way you can right here.

In walks in the nurse and I couldn’t even get my leggings back on good before she hit me with the “we would like to offer you some birth control options” and I’m like “no thank you I’m good.” She goes “But Jasmine we want to make sure you are protected from anymore unwanted pregnancies.”

I’m like “NO THANK YOU IM OK!” *smiling like girl if you don’t move out my way with that bullshit*

 Persistent as fuck, she’s like “Jasmine” she’s pulling out a chart now that came out of nowhere..”here are some birth control options that are covered through your insurance” She then proceeds to recommend and arm implant.

AN ARM IMPLANT! Bitch is you kidding me AN ARM IMPLANT so yall trynna give me the MARK OF THE BEAST bitch please! hahaaaa! I reply with “At this time I’m not interested in the birth control options, I’ll just try my best to not have sex and allow my body to heal.

This nurse or whatever her title was, she wasn’t trying to hear it.

“Jasmine there’s always the pill.”

I reply “Maam I’m going to look up the birth control options, read reviews and I’ll call if I am interested. In this much pain I’m not having sex. Thank you though.”

Those words probably came out rough but what she didn’t know was I rather have children than to ever put my body and my life through the things caused by birth control. Pregnancy was too good to me not to choose it over birth control.

I’m going to start with my opinion then I’m going to bring the facts to you.

Birth control is nothing but experimentation on women and their reproductive organs.

Ok wait that’s an actual fact.

Let me try this again. Here are my thoughts.


What I wasn’t about to do is subject my perfectly good health to the artificial hormones of birth control. It’s human nature to like sex, and I do but do I engage in it often? Nope. Not even. It’s not on my to do list but about once a season and just because it’s on the to do list doesn’t mean it actually gets scratched off ya feel me?  I figured with an almost non existent sex life, a perfect period and my clear skin that I worked so hard for it was no way in hell I would use birth control! Take pills everyday at the same time? Hell naw! Hell naw! I’m a busy individual I’m not packing pills nowhere, I’m not standing in the Pharmacy line every month, I don’t even like taking medicine when I’m sick!


Let’s talk about the shot. You know the chemicals that you inject in you that drastically change your mood, the way you bleed and your weight. And guess what, once it’s in you it’s in you and you cant get it out…takes months after to wear off?.bruh I just. ok. And you have to be crazy if you don’t think those shots aren’t race specific..I even watched a video of a girl say she bled very heavy 4 months straight! I cant even imagine.

IUD IUD IUD.. So you want me to put this painful insertion object in my precious yoni? And then I could be engaging in some sexual activity and this thing comes out? Ha no! so I’m again putting the artificial shit in my body and I’m still bout to get pregnant if it falls out uh no! Will this thing make a metal detector go off? Does it show up in Xrays? lol ok.

This arm implant.. man this has bout to be the scariest one of them all. You want to stick your object in my arm where I cant get it out..smh and all you got to do is reset the numbers and just like that I have a 666 tattoo on my forehead? I kid lol but foreal NO! JUST NO!


Out of all seriousness though. I reviewed all of the products. I really did. I looked up reviews of real women who used these products. There were frightening side effects with them all. I have friends who have endured through its craziness. That shot was the toughest of them all.. causing Cushing’s syndrome and a whole host of other things that take years to fix the imbalances.

Here are some of the side effects of birth control.

  • Mood changes and Depression ( now you have to take depression meds)
  • Weight Gain
  • Headaches and Migraines (then they want to make you take prescription headache meds)
  • Increase in vaginal discharge
  • Decrease in sex drive ( bruh the many women have this to have sex so what’s th..nevemind)
  • Naseaua
  • Irregular bleeding and spotting (this would piss me all the way off) (then how do you enjoy sex like this)
  • Yeast overgrowth and infections (man come on..more meds you gotta take for that! no sex here either)
  • Increased risk of cervical and breast cancers ( more meds)
  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke (a  whole stroke bro?? noooooo)
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Benign liver tumors (fuck outta here)
  • Decreased bone density
  • Increased risk of blood clotting
  • Infertility (does population control ring a bell)

They might as well put death in there but they don’t want to scare you all out of the experiment.


I do understand there are some women who take birth control for medical reasons and I understand that totally but ask yourself is this really worth all of this. If you are taking this for acne there’s another way. Please don’t subject yourself to this madness. And why in the hell would you fix one thing only to gain 10 additional health problems?

There are women who take birth control and have no period at all. Your body’s natural process is to expel your eggs that were not fertilized.. you ok with those dead eggs laying up in you? ok. They have to go somewhere.

To my women who absolutely do not want children. Use condoms or have your man get a vasectomy. If he love you and you only he will do it! Don’t you tie your tubes for no man! Knowing men, he’ll leave your ass talking bout he want kids and now you cant have them. Keep the option open doesn’t mean you have to have them. Trust me I totally get wanting to remain childless.

Image result for condoms

There is always abstinence but I’m not preaching that because we’re grown!

Ladies really though, there’s a reason women are more likely to get cancer and ultimately die from it. It’s because you are being subjected to bullshit like birth control meds something that here in 2017 they have not created for men??? It is not a coincidence. You deserve more than to be a guinea pig to pharmaceutical companies. Open your eyes up and really think about your overall health. I am not judging and I never will judge women for what they choose to do. I am a Pro-choice individual. I believe women should always have the right to choose what goes on with her body whether it be birth control abortion or anything. I am simply saying to boss up and put you first. You are not a lab rat, you are a human being.

For my ladies who one day would like to bear children take the best care of your body possible. I recommend no form of birth control meds because they can take away that gift of life from you. We are living in a time where human life is being devalued. Women are being used and once we stand up the game is over.













2 thoughts on “Why Won’t You Just Get Birth Control?! STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING

  1. feela77 says:

    When you talked about the nurse it brought back memories. After my second child I chose to get my tubes tied, I was done. The nurses and medical staff was vigilant in trying to get me to get on birth control. I tried the shot during my 30 day waiting period before my procedure and in that short period of time my body was effected. I bled heavier during my six weeks and my arm was sore for weeks where I got the shot. I’m pro choice as well but I do agree women need to really understand what they are doing when they choose birth control. Good ready


    • soulmommajazz says:

      Thank you for your comment! And thanks for sharing your story…I think its about time they made this safer for women and stop taking advantage of their ignorance. Unfortunately birth control is shoved down women’s throats and no one is mentioning the ugly about it. My tubes aren’t tied but thatll be what I choose around age 30! Definitely wont be meds!

      Liked by 1 person

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