WCW! Interview with Blogger and Youtuber Misslovelynay!!

Hey mommas!


I am so excited to bring you this brief but wonderful interview with Misslovelynay <—-Follow her on Instagram and Subscribe to her channel!

This interview was held on January 21, 2017 via Facetime! We had an incredible conversation on natural hair and loving the skin you’re in!


Above photo is Shanay rocking the Marley twists as a protective style!

Misslovelynay is a natural hair blogger, brand influencer and new Youtuber who is 100% devoted to her hair journey and has been for quite some time. Native of New Orleans, Louisiana, she’s a beautiful black women living in her purpose and enjoying it all. Shanay is a graduate of Lamar University and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity Inc. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. She is ambitious and has the most lovable personality living free and high off life. She big chopped on Feb 17, 2015 and is rocking her beautiful mane and protective styling.

SM: Welcome Shanay to Soul Mommas how are you feeling this Saturday night?

Shanay: Im doing great just hanging out at home enjoying some time in.

SM: Ok let’s get right into it, what made you decide to go back to your natural roots?

Shanay: I don’t know how to answer this without being long winded. (laughs) I always wanted to go back to my natural roots. I’m trying not to go into to a long story but in 2010 that’s when the natural hair movement really took off. I wanted to be apart of it. I received my first perm when I was 5 so I really wanted to embrace my natural curl pattern because I never got to see it ya know. (laugh a little)

SM: That’s amazing! Im glad you made the right choice! So what are some of your staple products and must have tools?

Shanay: One thing I can’t live without is my coconut oil. It helped me transition, keep my hair moisturized and prevented breaking. Coconut curls line, Miss Jessies curling cream Lottabody edge control, perm rods for my heat damage at the front to keep a curl and my toothbrush for my edges.

Image result for lottabody edge control


SM: That’s quite a lot lol! How would you describe the relationship you have with your hair in one word?

Shanay: This is a good question I don’t know Jazz that’s hard. Just one word? Love?!


SM: (laughs ) It definitely shows! Do you think water and your diet affects your hair growth?

Shanay: Most definitely drinking water makes your hair hydrated like I said in my youtube video

SM: Hmm yea vitamins?

ShanayL: Yes also in my video I referenced my hair skin and nails vitamin by Nature Bounty they are the bomb.com (laughs)

SM: What’s a wash day like for you?

Shanay: So typically I give myself a nice coconut oil massage before washing. I let that sit for 30 minutes to an hour, then I wash with sulfate free shampoo or co-wash.

SM: Let’s talk about Youtube! First off your first video was everything! Loved the deep condition and I will be doing it again soon. Are you wanting to inspire and motivate to get more Black women to embrace their natural textures?

Shanay: Yes and I think my main motivation for Youtube is to inspire other people and in doing that inspire myself. Natural hair journey is no walk in the park so it’s easy to document where you are in your journey using your own videos.

SM: See that’s awesome! And lastly what is something you would say to someone on the fence about doing the big chop or transitioning over to their roots? Im going to tell them to subscribe to your Youtube channel today!

Shanay: I would just say to embrace your hair to the fullest and be proud of who you are! Your Black roots is something to be happy about.This is a new age and generation and you should be proud to be apart of the natural hair movement. And trust me nothing is better than feeling your scalp and knowing your hair is really growing and God is working on you!

SM: Great advice! So I just want to thank you for this interview girl and thank you so much for sharing your views! Congrats on the birth of your Youtube channel and and I hope it brings success and motivates the masses to love the hair and skin they are in!

Shanay: Thank you soul mommas for having me on this interview and this time to motivate and cultivate Black girl magic! Best wishes.

SM: Peace and soul.


I hope you all enjoyed the interview with this Queen and have been motivated in some way to keep going on your natural hair journey! Please check out the video below and subscribe to this channel. It’s something new and refreshing for ya!



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