Reasons Why It’s Incredibly Dope to Be Rocking Your Natural Hair!

Hey Mommas,

There’s actually an infinite amount of reasons why being a natural Black woman is so dope! Being a woman period is something to be proud of in itself!

It’s 2017 yall.. has been for about 28 days now! I hope thus far all of your goals and resolutions are still in place! It isn’t too late to get it together mommas! HA! One of my resolutions was to take the best care possible of my hair and restore it back to it’s optimal health. I’m on it and I’m not budging!

Now the reason I mentioned the year is because I am extremely excited about how the natural hair movement has grown and become a massive movement over the years. During my college days, May 28, 2012 to be exact, is when I chose to go on with the big chop and I was extra late to the natural hair party but I made it right? lol! I remember then hearing that it would only be a short lived fad and that everyone who was returning to their natural roots would soon be going right back into the creamy crack. Well I’m here to tell ya that the lie detector test determined THAT WAS A LIE! It has grown to be a lifestyle for so many women across the world. I see consistency in the natural hair community, I see natural women everywhere I go here in Houston.  I just want to dap with them and say “go head on girl!” It’s just so beautiful to me seeing how far it has come!

Black women are becoming educated on the topic of hair in ways that have allowed us to begin growing our hair to longer lengths and healthy thickness! Many women such as myself who struggled with my hair and even dealt with self esteem issues because of it, have grown to love their hair.  I have learned to allow my hair to do what it wants, I’ve learned to accept my texture for what it is and I’ve learned how to style my hair even if I only have about 10 minutes to make it happen! It’s all been a journey. Right before graduating college in May 2013 I felt like giving it all up but I wanted this to be my lifestyle. I wanted to embrace who I was for the rest of my life. I also new that I didn’t want the burn of a chemical in my scalp ever again.  I had also falling in love with all the many things I could do for styling and protective styling. Most of all I had fallen in love with me!

Today I can’t imagine going back to a relaxer! With this journey I have grown, I have become addicted to educating myself daily. I don’t think it’s my bachelor’s degree that makes me an educated Black woman. It’s my will to want to continue feeding my soul and becoming rich with knowledge. I notice for a lot of women who choose to go natural, they choose to further learn their culture along the way. It’s truly a great time to be a young adult when so many women are banding together in the name of culture and natural hair.

Black girl magic is real! We aren’t just styling our hair, we are making an impact on other cultures. People admire our style, attitude, and our image. How could you not be proud?!




  • Being natural has versatility benefits! Straight hair, curls, kinks, puff, you name it! Natural hair has no limits!
  • Seeing someone else with a beautiful crown of natural hair makes you smile so big on the inside.. I may be cheesy for this but this is what excites me! I’m usually the one to strike up a conversation!
  • Buying products is too much fun! When I walk into Target there is always something new to try out.
  • Believe it or not you are a walking inspiration to many woman of all races and all ages! When you are rocking your natural hair and rocking it with confidence, someone is watching and wanting! You are motivating someone to do the same!



Janelle Monae

  • Going back to your roots allows you to truly learn you! In the interview I conducted with Misslovelynay she mentioned that she had received a relaxer at age 5 so she never really had the chance to see what her texture was like. Sadly this is the story for most of us born in the early 90s! It’s truly something special to embrace your actual curl pattern and really get to experience who you are.
  • Shrinkage is cooler than you think it is! Have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when you show them how long your hair actually is??HA!
  • Wearing your natural hair big and beautiful yells out a huge “fuck you” to the so called hair standards! Going against the grain in such a beautiful way!

erykahErykah Badu

  • You aren’t running from the rain anymore honey you are dancing in it!


I think it’s one thing to go back to your natural roots but it’s another thing to really appreciate the process of bringing the hair back to it’s true life! I also sometimes think as natural Black women we  really don’t see how much power we have in just the way we look and carry ourselves. We are powerful, our presence embodies power.



India Arie

My wish is that in your journey you are loving yourself even more and gaining knowledge along the way. I know I am not only speaking for myself when I say that this is truly an awakening experience. I would like to hear from you and learn how have going back to your roots changed your lifestyle. Please like subscribe comment and you can even email me! I truly believe this lifestyle has brought about unity amongst Black women and I hope this continues on. Whatever your reason for choosing this journey is, I hope you find the same joy in it as I do. Peace.









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