SOUL PRODUCT REVIEW!!! EDEN Body Works Coconut Shea Natural Hair Masque!

Hey Mommas,

This deep conditioner right here is bomb! BOMB! BOMB!


OK!! Once a week I deep condition my hair and have the rest of my wash day following. For the past three weeks I have been using Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Natural Hair Masque and I’m getting ready to tell you why this will now be my go to deep conditioner!

I purchased this product at HEB Grocery for $2.50! Yes that’s right, a budget lovely item right here! The pack contains 1.75 fl oz and the package mentions that this product is Paraben and Sulfate free. The first time I saw it I knew I had to give it a shot and I was not disappointed!

Before I give you all of my thoughts on Eden’s Hair Masque I want to tell you a little bit about my hair and my wash day routine as of this season.

I have struggled with heat damage for quite some time right in the front (leave out area) and I have dry coarse hair if I miss just one day of moisturizing.

Here’s how I use this product

  1. I section my hair into six sections and wash using warm water, each section with a non sulfate shampoo.
  2. After washing I then pat dry my hair with a clean t-shirt and I apply this conditioner very heavily to each section using the praying hands method.
  3. While I’m applying, I finger detangle the sections and make sure this conditioner is evenly applied throughout then I cover with a plastic cap.
  4. Now although the package says to leave in for 15 minutes, I am usually wearing it for hours. I am doing household chores, attending to my children or catching up on shows. I’ll say it stays in about four hours.
  5. Next, I rinse my hair using cool water and then I apply my leave in, moisturizer and finally I style and allow my hair to air dry.

Here’s why this particular conditioner is so satisfying. When I apply this conditioner my curl pattern where my heat damage is looks to be returning and I notice my hair becoming stronger and thicker there as well.


This product rinses well and does not leave behind that silicone coated feeling on my strands. This does not have that artificial coconut smell, this smells amazingly like a real coconut!  This is a very smooth, rich conditioner on your finger tips and after using this conditioner, your hair feels just as rich!

This conditioner claims to penetrate the hair shafts to transform dry, brittle hair through an intensely moisturizing botanical blend of coconut oil and Shea butter to deliver softer, stronger hair. I’m giving this product a 9.7 on the SOUL SCALE because it does EXACTLY what it claims to do!


That’s my fro after my deep condition…what heat damage????? WHERE??

I recommend Eden Body Works Natural Hair Masque for my natural hair mommas! Price, scent, ingredients, hair after use and the fact that it does what it says it will do makes this product exceptional.

Mommas if you’ve experienced Eden please feel free to comment! Subscribe and get more product reviews in the future! LIKE! SHARE! Peace.

*This product was purchased with my own money and this is my honest review!*

For more products by Eden Body Works check out their website









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