Hey Soul Mommas,

Question number one: Would you purposely smear acid unto your skin?

Question number two: Would you intentionally set your scalp on fire?

Question number three: Have you ever thought about maybe creating some open wounds in your scalp?

If you have answered “hell naw” to the above questions, please explain to me why would you put a relaxer on your hair???

I don’t judge, I do not. What I won’t do is sit back and not educate my young Black brothas and sistas on the dangers that are directed towards our community!

Since it’s Black History Month, let’s first discuss the history behind the relaxers.


Invented in 1909 by Garrett Augustus Morgan, the relaxer was created by pure coincidence.Image result for garrett morgan (I don’t believe in coincidence). Just a little bit about Morgan, He was born in 1877 and is an African American inventor, publisher and clothing manufacturer. Morgan wasn’t exactly trying to find a way to straighten the tight curls of the African women, in fact, he was looking for a chemical agent to sterilize his sewing needles. The firsts relaxers created by Morgan were made of alkaline chemicals and soap. Not so bad eh? After finding that this mixture straightened fabrics, Morgan began testing this product on the fur of dogs! Abracadabra the fur was straightening and thus the “relaxer” was born. This guy was absolutely brilliant! Morgan is also the inventor of  the traffic light, gas masks and cigarettes that extinguish themselves. Morgan also invented the curved-tooth comb (known today as the hot comb)  and black hair dye! He knew a thing or two about Black Hair!


Now no doubt this brotha was a genius but relaxers weren’t ever any good! Relaxers work by chemically breaking down the protein bonds in the hair shaft causing the curl or coil to permanently straighten. That is literal heat damage my sistas and brothas.

One of the chemicals found in relaxers is lye. And although there are no-lye relaxers, all relaxers contain some sort of toxic chemicals. Lye relaxers in particular contain sodium hydroxide while no lye relaxers contain guanidine hydroxide which is just as bad. Depending on the strength you choose, the ph of the relaxers are between 10-14 causing the chemicals to  either  work slower or faster and stronger. Image result for hazardous materials


I am in no way writing this to persuade anyone to discontinue the use of relaxers but I do wish to inform. Relaxers are doing a hell of a lot more harm than good. The list below shows effects of the chemical when using to straighten hair. Remember these chemicals are able to seep into the scalp and unto the brain of those using the product. It burns its way through nearly any substance.

  • Chemical burns on scalp
  • Destroys hair follicles causing balding
  • Excessive toxic build up within the body causing fibroids, early puberty, cancers, altered immune systems and a whole host of other health complications
  • Eye irritation
  • Hair breakage
  • Hair thinning
  • Lack of Growth

And to think they put these pretty little children on the boxes to market this madness!

Image result for hair relaxers



Around the 90s is when I personally begin using relaxer at the age of six. I don’t believe my mother had any knowledge of the contents of relaxers. I wasn’t aware until my college years and that is when I knew it had to go. When I look back, from the time I was six years old until about age twenty one, I was regularly putting these toxic chemicals on my scalp every four weeks. After having beautiful, long, curly hair at a very young age, I never understood why my hair wouldn’t grow passed my neck! It stayed at that awkward length my entire grade school years. I really never learned to maintain my hair when I had a relaxer passed wrapping it before bed. No one told me I needed to trim and moisturize my hair daily. I was ignorant (not knowing) af! I’m grateful that I never experienced the long term effects but I did get chemical burns often. It was almost expected for it to happen every time I got my relaxers put on. I remember one particular time my scalp was so burned a few days later I was unraveling my wrapped hair to find my scalp peeling and bleeding. Not only that but the peeling parts of my scalp had large patches of hair in it. I knew then it was time for a change but I had absolutely no idea what to do.

My college years is when I had awaken. I started getting sew ins regularly and gradually stopped getting relaxers. I noticed a change in my length then. I later big chopped and was so happy to have made the decision. Today I couldn’t imagine intentionally exposing myself or my hair to relaxers. I can’t believe they are still available for purchase! Having straight hair is not worth those effects. I now grow thick, long, healthy hair.


To my mommas who are choosing the relaxer option for hair straightening, this decision should be well thought out. Understand that self love means taking the best care of YOU as you possibly can! If you choose this, make a commitment to self that you will continue your journey to healthy hair care and conditioning treatments prior and post relaxer. Think about all the reasons you can’t or won’t go back to your natural hair texture.

Know that with things like make up, nail polish, hair products, skin products, birth control and feminine hygiene products, corporations will take advantage of women trying to uphold man made beauty  and society standards. Ask yourself what is beauty? Are you being mislead? Why are only certain things shown on television? This is not an accident mommas! These products target women and are no good to the body. Do the best you can as a woman to try to stray away from as much unnatural product as you can. Relaxed or natural, do all things in your life for the sake of you! Ask yourself: Would I do this if I were walking this Earth on my own??? Please share this post, like, comment and subscribe. Peace!






Hey Soulfolks,

Happy Valentine’s Day to ya! Enjoy your day and your night and in all that you do be safe!



Peace and Love!

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7DAYS OF LOVE: Natural Hair Styles for Valentine’s Date Night!

Hey Soul Mommas,

I’m just sharing some natural hairstyles you can rock for all the Valentine’s Day fun you have coming up! I’ve mention quite a few date night ideas, staying in ideas, solo ideas and cheap things to do! You want to make sure your hair is ready for whatever is going down on February 14, 2017!


Let’s get into it!

Related image


Image result for long natural hair styles for black women


Image result for long natural hair styles for black women

Image result for short natural hairstyles for black women

Image result for long natural hair styles for black women

These are just a few looks I think will be all purpose styles for the occasion! I hope that you’ve gotten the hair situation straight by now though! Tomorrow will conclude my “7DAYS OF LOVE” series! Of all the ideas and Valentine’s Day Prep posts I’ve posted, I hope you found something here on Soul Mommas that you’ll be using to enjoy tomorrow. Like comment subscribe and share!! Peace and Love!


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7DAYS OF LOVE: Before Intimacy..

Hey SoulFolks,

I hope that you are enjoying my “7DAYS OF LOVE” series where I am bringing you tips and advice for making Valentine’s Day plans. I’ve been trying to keep these posts straight to the point, so here we go.

You’ll need an open mind for this one…

Before intimacy there are some rituals that you can practice to prepare yourself spiritually and emotionally before the actual physical aspect of intimacy. Not only can these phenomenally improve your sexual experiences, but they also give you an overall sense of clarity, love and peace.

Tantric massage

You may be saying to yourself what in the hell does tantric mean? Im going to break it down for ya. Tantra is from the Sankrit root word tan meaning to manifest or show. This is an intentionally erotic massage that uses sexual energy to obtain a higher state of consciousness. The ultimate goal of this type of massage is to use sensual touches to awaken the seven chakras, or energy centers along the spine. Tantra massages alleviate emotional and physical pain and also gives the recipient sexual arousal leaving them prepared for an ecstatic sexual experience. There are therapists who are experts in this type of massage that will teach you and your mate how to correctly perform this so that you may explore all of its benefits. There are also many videos with demonstrations that will show you how to create an atmosphere for this type of massage. This should only be performed between actual lovers and married couples so take this seriously as you should any intimate activities.Image result for tantra massage room

Yoni Eggs and Love Wands

Yoni eggs are small egg shaped crystals that are used to strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. When used properly these crystals can drastically change your sexual experiences for the better. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for sacred space which is referring to the female sex organ known as vagina. Yes you guessed it that’s where these crystals go! After regular use, yoni eggs gives your sacred space a power to squeeze and grip to your partner at will. It’s powerful! There are also love wands that are also made of crystals. Each crystal has a meaning and a purpose.Image result for yoni eggs

When purchasing crystals for the purpose of sexual health and connecting with yourself in a more spiritual aspect, it’s important to use the crystals you purchase correctly. Crystals are healing mechanisms and should be taken very seriously. There are personal and deep rituals to practice before actual use that allow these to work to your advantage. Image result for rose quartz love wand

Soul Gazing

Soul gazing is an eye contact ritual. This opens up the energy channel between your eyes and the eyes of your mate. A form of communication begins and you and your mate are actually having an intimate gaze through one another’s soul. The goal is for both partners to harmonize or bring together their energies creating an open heart space where deeper intimacy can be achieved. This practice can be a bit difficult due to it being uncomfortable in the beginning. The end result is priceless though. You’ll find yourselves deeply connected like you have never experienced before.


So Soulfolks, I have shared with you some secrets I have been hanging on to that I’ve learned from years of reading and demonstrations. My wish is that you further research these practices and learn the benefits of each one before diving right in. It’s important to know that the atmosphere must be set. You have a few days left to figure out what you think will work for you. I hope you find this post helpful if you’re planning on a night on intimacy this coming Valentine’s Day. Like comment subscribe and share. Peace and Love.




Hey SoulFolks,

I’m getting you ready for the day!! Valentine’s is right around the corner! I have some ideas on Valentine’s for the cheapest price because after all, budgeting and growing financially is most of our goals and we shouldn’t be setting ourselves back to show our compassion for our loved ones!

To keep this short I want to jump right into these ideas!

  • Outdoor dates at parks, beaches and bayous saves a ton. I mentioned before, that the park can be made into a luxurious picnic! This is an inexpensive option and a memorable one as well. Grab a blanket and get a to-go order from your mates favorite place to have lunch. If you are really about that frugal life, cook and create the lunch from the grocery store! I would also head out to the beach as well. Even a bayou can be a cool scene. (Don’t act like yall never seen Jason’s Lyric) A nice time outdoors in front of open water can be as special as dining out in an upscale restaurant.Only thing is you guys aren’t leaving a tip! On outdoor dates, there must be food and beverage either before, during or right after. Don’t leave your date hangry lol hungry? angry? You want to make sure they are comfortable and truly enjoying the time with you. If you have a small Bluetooth compatible device, throw in some music and make it extra special!


  • Grocery store flowers and balloons can be an easy and inexpensive way to gift to your lady or fella. I’ve seen small gifts priced at 5$ in WalMart and Kroger. Candy, fruits and even gift cards are also good ideas when trying to work out Valentine’s Day on a budget!Image result for flowers for cheap


  • Netflix and chill at the crib is not a bad idea! Clean up your place, cook something tasty and put on the movie! There is nothing wrong with staying in especially if this is a long-standing relationship. You may or may not do this all the time but catching a new movie and incorporating a meal with a few candles can make this night extra special.


  • Bubble bath with your baby. In a long enough relationship you can create an atmosphere of peace in serenity in your own home. Set the scene in the bathroom Image result for black couple taking bathwith rose petals, bath bombs, bubbles and candles. You two can relax and have an amazing intimate night of love without even leaving the home. Pair this with the Netflix and chill option and you will really have it all going on for little to nothing!



That concludes my ideas of saving money on Valentine’s Day but still being able to enjoy the day! I hope that these tips help you in some way. I know that even the tips that I provided will cost a little something but the idea is to make your man or woman feel special. Get some champagne!Have an in home massage, play some music over dinner, or even board games with a little twist. This day will be what you make it and it doesn’t have to take all of your coins. Keep it cheap and make it memorable! Leave comments subscribe and share!! Peace and Love.


Hey SoulFolks,

This blog is literally for everyone! I know that for many, Valentine’s Day may be spent solo but that’s ok! I’m listing some fun, exciting things to do if you are spending the day alone. These are some things that will make you feel quite alright and you won’t even think twice about the fact that you’re a single. These are some places you may not see too many couples but then again you may because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Before I get into the actual list I want to talk single living. Although you may not be side by side with the guy or girl of your dreams at this moment, you are entitled to enjoy your life to the fullest. Having a special someone is great because as humans many of us crave that companionship, however don’t you ever put off whatever it is you want out of life because you haven’t found or been found! Know that with or without a mate you can and deserve everything your heart desires. Be free and use your time as a single to explore everything about you and everything this present life has to offer to you.

Ok let’s get into the list!

  1. Spa Day – Man or woman, you can enjoy a day at the spa getting a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. Pamper yourself and allow yourself to indulge in the self care you deserve.
  2. Bar Crawl With the Friends- Go have a good time with your 2 single friends at a nice rooftop bar then 10 minutes later head next door and listen to some live music! Not too many couples are going to be going bar to bar!
  3. Henna for the Night- Go get a henna tattoo! You will be so caught up in the art you won’t even have time to think about “I’m single and I’m lonely.” This doesn’t take too long to get done however you can do this and also submerge yourself in other cultural activities and foods.
  4. Shopping- If you were actually in a relationship, you probably was going to go out shopping for him or her anyway. Make it about you and go get those new shoes that keep popping up on you Facebook feed!
  5. Casino- Man I hate I’m writing this! This is some bad advice but I ‘ve been to the casino a few times but only twice in my adult life. Man that shit was fun! Be extra responsible with this one and budget! Don’t get too carried away but play a little and enjoy a couple of cocktails. You may come out a single winner!
  6. Yoga Class- I think hot yoga would be so dope! Check out a fitness class in the area and get the body going! You might meet some new friends 🙂

I hope this list helps a little! I was trying to keep it short but there are so many things to do instead of sitting home and feeling alone. Get out and get active even if just for a little time! Please like subscribe and share my tips to all your single friends! Remember to always love yourself and make peace knowing that not all of your happiness has to come from having a mate. Peace and Love.





Hey SoulFOLKS!

I want to give you some gift giving ideas for Valentine’s Day happening soon! These are just ideas that I think are unique and special.  We’re accustomed to seeing flowers, bears and chocolates but I have a few different ideas that your mate would really appreciate! All of these are inspired by gifts I or someone I know have received in the past that were purposeful and great. Gifts for guys are inspired by a trip to Ross..lol and gifts that I have given and are usually appreciated for the most part!

Let’s get into it!


Candles or Incense set- How much more romantic can you be?? Give candles that have purpose and wonderful scents to them. Incense is always good as well! They are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, meditation and prayer rooms!Image result for chakra candles

Edible Arrangements- A bouquet of chocolate covered fruits just for your person in mind is not only super sweet but delicious! I think getting this as a gift makes anyone smile.Image result for graphic mug


Tea/ Coffee set– I know many women have to have either their coffee in the morning or their tea at night! Arranging tea leaves and coffee grains in a box or bag with a graphic mug would be a nice gift to give.

Image result for herbal tea set

Image result for Essential Oil setEssential Oils set– Essential oils would be a great gift because they are usually beautifully package and they serve a lot of purpose! Some sets come with diffuser jewelry which would make this an even cooler gift to receive.


Image result for Essential Oil set


Image result for incense


Wine Glass set- Actually fellas, anything with wine in it, on it or around it might be a great idea! Wine glasses are an elegant gift to give!

Soap or Bath Bomb set- This is a quick fix gift idea! Bath, soap and bath bomb sets can be found in so many stores! Women love these!

Tote or Hand bag- If you have a working, professional woman on your hands, she’s going to appreciate a nice bag! You can get designer bags and totes from stores like Burlington’s Coat Factory and it won’t be department store priced! A good, all purpose tote goes a long Image result for journals for womenway!

Journal- If she’s a writer and you’re on a budget, a journal is going to be a winner for both of you! Get a really good looking notebook for her and give her some reasons to use it! Please if you gift a journal pair it with some nice writing utensils, camera, or books!



Beard Grooming set-Natural hair is to women as facial hair is to men! He will love this!Image result for beer glass setImage result for beard grooming set

Watch- This gift is foolproof. I don’t know a man or woman walking Earth who wont love a nice looking watch!

Beer Glass set- Beer is to men as wine is to women lol! Beer glasses are a nice gift to give. allowing him to have that bar feel right in the comfort of his own home is right here with this gift.

Robe- I think showing him you want him to  be comfortable gives him the idea you truly care for him. A robe that’s plush and masculine looking is a great gift to show this. Personalize it and have his name stitched in the back or front of it. You’ll find him always in it!

Image result for personalized robe for men

Baoding Balls –Be your man’s peace and get him Baoding balls for relaxation and relieving stress. This is a very unusual gift but I have a childhood memory I’ve been hanging on to for a long time. That is when my maternal grandmother, who is now resting in peace, opened a gift from a student. Inside were these marble looking balls. They were beautiful. She twisted and turned those marbles in her left hand leaving her with a sense of calmness all over. I think these are great and unexpected. This will allow him to focus and calm down a little.Image result for baoding balls

Sunglasses- The fellas love accessories whether they want to admit it or not. Sunglasses is where it’s at! Also glasses made for running would be a great gift for the fellas that are active and live a lifestyle of health and fitness.


That concludes my list of gifts for both the fellas and the ladies. I think these gifts paired with the usual chocolates and flowers would work wonders! You definitely want to show you thought outside the box though! These are also great birthday gift ideas too! Whatever you decide to purchase, take the time to really make your gift wrapping/bagging personalized, appealing and sweet. It’s ok to get away from the reds and go purple! My purpose for posting the gift ideas second in my “7DAYS of LOVE” series is so that you could start brainstorming, shopping and ordering your gifts today! Feel free to comment like subscribe and share! I want to hear from you and if this list was any assistance to your Valentine’s Day gift giving! Peace and Love.