Let’s Talk Protective Styling: Interview with Teraneka on Looking Beautiful While Protecting the Natural Hair!!!

Hey Mommas,

For the mommas who are new to the natural hair movement, protective styling are styles that allows your hair protection from manipulation, weather, and heat. Ideally the ends are safely tucked or pinned to be protected the most since that is the most fragile part of the hair strand.

Daily styling and continuous use of hair tools can actually cause of  great deal of damage to the hair. Many natural hair women will tell you that length retention is much easier when protective styling.

I’m bringing you a real testimony  of a naturalista who has used this method to her advantage!

Teraneka Horne is a natural hair brand influencer and representative of OK HAIR Magazine! Native of New Orleans, Louisiana, she has been a naturalista for quite some time.Using protective styles, Teraneka has allowed herself to grow a thick, beautiful head of natural hair! She’s always on the go but manages to always have an amazing hair style when she steps on the scene!


*Teraneka rocking her wig while her hair is braided and ends are tucked away underneath!

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Teraneka is with Soul Mommas to share some tips and tricks on how to always look incredible while protecting your natural hair.

SM: Hey girl! I have followed you throughout your natural hair journey and your natural hair looks beautiful so let’s get started! What are your favorite methods of protective styling and why?

Teraneka: A wig with a lace closure is my go to. It protects my hair from constant heat. Since I’m always on the go, it’s a quick and safe remedy for me.

SM: And every time that wig and closure always looks so natural and lively. How has protective styling helped you in your natural hair journey?

Teraneka: Im lazy (laughs) I mean I don’t have to do anything to my natural hair daily! I don’t have to use heat trying to blend my natural hair with my wigs either! Overall I don’t ever have to worry about damaging my hair in any way.

SM: Everytime I did have a weave I was always trying to blend my hair now I’m with the heat damage up top.

Teraneka: See that’s what you need a lace closure from now on.

SM: Absolutely!  Do you find your method of protective styling to be simple for others to do?

Teraneka: Yes! My wigs are an investment , I can take them off to wear my natural hair or sleep. I can also put them back on and just go.

SM: Very simple and easy! And how often are you protecting your hair this way?

Teraneka: Honestly about 95% of the time. Protection is important. This also allows me to have different looks. We all know natural hair is high maintenance and protective styling takes away that high maintenance aspect.

SM:What’s your hair care regimen looking like?

Teraneka: I have to pay to have my hair braided so I wash my hair and deep condition, then I have my hair braided right back and I apply my wigs with closures. I moisturize my hair and scalp about every 3 days (not daily because I don’t want too much build up) using essential oils.

SM: That’s actually a very good low maintenance routine you have there! No wonder your natural hair looks so healthy! Alright one last question here, what are some secrets or advice  you would like to share with our readers?

Teraneka: OK!(laughs) I understand natural hair is very high maintance and sometimes we get frustrated and we be ready to put a relaxer on! Don’t do that! Just get you a protective style and calm down!

SM: laughs hysterically! Yess tell em!

Teraneka: Make sure to have a wig at all times. You never know when you will have a bad hair day so just get you a AT LEAST ONE WIG! Get a closure because heat is no good and you don’t want to keep trying to blend your natural hair with weave. JUST GET THE CLOSURE!

SM: That is great advice Teraneka! Thank you so much for sharing your views on protective styling and maintaining healthy natural hair!

Teraneka: Thank you for having me!


All I have to say is wow this is good! You now know what you need to do to get passed the dreaded shoulder length stage of your growth and retention process! Tuck away those ends for a while and it will happen. Our ends are the oldest part of our hair causing it to be more susceptible to splitting and breaking! Your hair sitting on the shoulders all day will help with the damage so look into some styles where you are protecting your ends!


Image result for box braids


Faux Locs

Bantu Knots


Flat Twists Styles

Marley Twists (my absolute favorite protective style)

Image result for marley twists

Senegalese Twists

Braid the hair and put on a wig like Teraneka, Crochet braids or a headwrap!


Look good, feel good and grow good! There are so many different options in total protection of the hair and I hope that one or all of these helps you along your journey to healthy, beautiful natural hair. Peace.






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