Why Must Natural Hair Care Be So Pricey?? SOLUTION TO THAT!!

Hey Mommas,

Before I get started into the main topic I want to tell you guys thank you so much for sharing, liking, commenting and subscribing to my blog. This is something I am very passionate about and to see it growing at a quick pace is surreal and I am so appreciative! It has been seen internationally in  12 countries and I’m hoping to grow and be seen worldwide!

Announcement: Starting February 7, 2017 I’ll be dedicating my posts to preparing for Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to share my love with you for the entire week! I’ll be talking dating, gifts, intimacy and more so stay tuned mommas!

Alright let’s get into the topic!!

The natural hair product business has to be booming! Has to be! Just in case you haven’t gotten it by now, Target is my go-to spot for hair care. I can walk into Target and see a regular 8.5oz bottle of styling “crème” (you know which company I’m talking about here) priced at $16.00..Believe it or not there are also 16oz jars of curling puddings priced at $38.00….. are you kidding me! The price to fill up my gas tank twice?? LOL no ma’am!!

Usually when I recommend or review products I include the price with the Soul Scale (rating) so you’ll know upfront if this product fits your budget. I’m a working momma so trust me I know about how every dollar counts!

These natural hair companies are giving us top quality products and I can appreciate that. I really don’t want to complain but why must natural hair care products be so pricey? I mean when I did use relaxers they were $8 – $10! Moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners that had the silicones, parabens  ranged about $3 -$5…I guess it’s true you get what you pay for??

Now I’m sure there are women who are probably thinking natural hair may be too damn high for their budget! There may also be some naturalistas who may be fed up with breaking the bank on products!

Soul Mommas is here to share with you how to get around spending an excessive amount of money on products while making sure you get everything you NEED.

I’m going to put a list of the items you need to maintain a healthy hair care regimen, why you need them and how to get the items you need at a fair price.


1.Non sulfate cleansing shampoo- This is a shampoo that does not strip your hair but still does its job cleansing the hair and dislodging buildup from the scalp.

2.Silicone free conditioners- I would recommend getting a conditioner that cleanses, soften and that can be used for co washing. There are products that say co wash but truth is you can co wash with any conditioner. That’s what most naturalistas been doing before a hair company decided to put “co wash” on a bottle of their same conditioner and hike up the price on it. *rolls eyes*

3. You need oil- coconut, grape seed or olive oil are some of the favorites but there are so many to choose from that promote healthy hair. Choose one where you find the scent to be pleasant and this would be what you seal your moisturizer with.

4. Moisturizer- Get a moisturizer that has less fluff and more ingredients that will actually moisturizer your hair. It’s not hard to find a good moisturizer at an ok price.

5. Deep conditioner- Deep conditioning products are needed! This is also easy to find. You can buy these by the pack or a jar. I usually get packs because to me it has the perfect amount of conditioner I need for my hair. You can even look up recipes to create your own hair masque using items found in the grocery store.


  • Leave In Conditioners
  • Elixirs
  • Hold and shine sprays
  • Hair fragrance sprays
  • Styling cremes, jellies, puddings and gels
  • Edge control
  • Detanglers

Dont get me wrong these items are great to have but honestly if you didn’t have any of those you can still maintain and style your natural hair just fine!


  1. Ross Marshalls and Burlington’s Coat Factory all have a section in the store that carries hair and skin products. I have been able to find popular and not so popular brands sitting in the shelf for half the cost as it would be in Target! Im pretty sure you can too!
  2. Many popular brands have BOGO sales! Every season seems like Walgreens or CVS has a buy one get one party going on! This is the time I haul! Getting two products for the price of one is the best way to get your product collection going!
  3. Look for product giveaways on social media sites. Now I made it a priority to follow my favorite hair care lines and monthly they are all doing give aways! You may or may not win but they are legit, a lot of times they tag the winners. It could be you so don’t count yourself out on this one!
  4. Catch the travel sizes…If you have to have a product and the regular size is just too pricey, get the travel size that range from $1 – $3! I noticed WalMart had natural hair care products in travel sizes and I racked up that day! I got to try a little of everything! They last a good 2 weeks too so that’s a steal!
  5. Coupons coupons coupons! There is a store called Bed Bath and Beyond that constantly sends me coupons and this store’s coupons usually say “take 25% off your total purchase” or “10$ off purchase of 20$ or more.” Well this store also carries some favorites in hair care so guess what I get! You got it! This isn’t the only way to coupon either. Newspapers and ads also have coupons! Secrets to Saving Coming Soon

Ok mommas, so these are my tips to you on combating expensive hair product problems! Dont let those prices intimidate you at all! I DO NOT recommend going on a product haul at any one time unless there is a BOGO sale but definitely get those essentials listed in the needs section! You may have all of those already! Then go on to get the luxury items when you have everything you need.  Oils really aren’t that expensive so that’s not a big deal but the others, try using my tips to get those! I would also advise you to get coupons mailed to your home because that’s an exceptional way to avoid high pricing! I hope this post helps you out a little next time you are out shopping for products. Overtime you’ll find yourself with a collection because your products may tend to change with the seasons. Let me know how these tips work for you! Comment like subscribe and share!











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