Hey SoulFolks,

This blog is literally for everyone! I know that for many, Valentine’s Day may be spent solo but that’s ok! I’m listing some fun, exciting things to do if you are spending the day alone. These are some things that will make you feel quite alright and you won’t even think twice about the fact that you’re a single. These are some places you may not see too many couples but then again you may because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Before I get into the actual list I want to talk single living. Although you may not be side by side with the guy or girl of your dreams at this moment, you are entitled to enjoy your life to the fullest. Having a special someone is great because as humans many of us crave that companionship, however don’t you ever put off whatever it is you want out of life because you haven’t found or been found! Know that with or without a mate you can and deserve everything your heart desires. Be free and use your time as a single to explore everything about you and everything this present life has to offer to you.

Ok let’s get into the list!

  1. Spa Day – Man or woman, you can enjoy a day at the spa getting a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. Pamper yourself and allow yourself to indulge in the self care you deserve.
  2. Bar Crawl With the Friends- Go have a good time with your 2 single friends at a nice rooftop bar then 10 minutes later head next door and listen to some live music! Not too many couples are going to be going bar to bar!
  3. Henna for the Night- Go get a henna tattoo! You will be so caught up in the art you won’t even have time to think about “I’m single and I’m lonely.” This doesn’t take too long to get done however you can do this and also submerge yourself in other cultural activities and foods.
  4. Shopping- If you were actually in a relationship, you probably was going to go out shopping for him or her anyway. Make it about you and go get those new shoes that keep popping up on you Facebook feed!
  5. Casino- Man I hate I’m writing this! This is some bad advice but I ‘ve been to the casino a few times but only twice in my adult life. Man that shit was fun! Be extra responsible with this one and budget! Don’t get too carried away but play a little and enjoy a couple of cocktails. You may come out a single winner!
  6. Yoga Class- I think hot yoga would be so dope! Check out a fitness class in the area and get the body going! You might meet some new friends 🙂

I hope this list helps a little! I was trying to keep it short but there are so many things to do instead of sitting home and feeling alone. Get out and get active even if just for a little time! Please like subscribe and share my tips to all your single friends! Remember to always love yourself and make peace knowing that not all of your happiness has to come from having a mate. Peace and Love.




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