Hey SoulFolks,

I’m getting you ready for the day!! Valentine’s is right around the corner! I have some ideas on Valentine’s for the cheapest price because after all, budgeting and growing financially is most of our goals and we shouldn’t be setting ourselves back to show our compassion for our loved ones!

To keep this short I want to jump right into these ideas!

  • Outdoor dates at parks, beaches and bayous saves a ton. I mentioned before, that the park can be made into a luxurious picnic! This is an inexpensive option and a memorable one as well. Grab a blanket and get a to-go order from your mates favorite place to have lunch. If you are really about that frugal life, cook and create the lunch from the grocery store! I would also head out to the beach as well. Even a bayou can be a cool scene. (Don’t act like yall never seen Jason’s Lyric) A nice time outdoors in front of open water can be as special as dining out in an upscale restaurant.Only thing is you guys aren’t leaving a tip! On outdoor dates, there must be food and beverage either before, during or right after. Don’t leave your date hangry lol hungry? angry? You want to make sure they are comfortable and truly enjoying the time with you. If you have a small Bluetooth compatible device, throw in some music and make it extra special!


  • Grocery store flowers and balloons can be an easy and inexpensive way to gift to your lady or fella. I’ve seen small gifts priced at 5$ in WalMart and Kroger. Candy, fruits and even gift cards are also good ideas when trying to work out Valentine’s Day on a budget!Image result for flowers for cheap


  • Netflix and chill at the crib is not a bad idea! Clean up your place, cook something tasty and put on the movie! There is nothing wrong with staying in especially if this is a long-standing relationship. You may or may not do this all the time but catching a new movie and incorporating a meal with a few candles can make this night extra special.


  • Bubble bath with your baby. In a long enough relationship you can create an atmosphere of peace in serenity in your own home. Set the scene in the bathroom Image result for black couple taking bathwith rose petals, bath bombs, bubbles and candles. You two can relax and have an amazing intimate night of love without even leaving the home. Pair this with the Netflix and chill option and you will really have it all going on for little to nothing!



That concludes my ideas of saving money on Valentine’s Day but still being able to enjoy the day! I hope that these tips help you in some way. I know that even the tips that I provided will cost a little something but the idea is to make your man or woman feel special. Get some champagne!Have an in home massage, play some music over dinner, or even board games with a little twist. This day will be what you make it and it doesn’t have to take all of your coins. Keep it cheap and make it memorable! Leave comments subscribe and share!! Peace and Love.


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