7DAYS OF LOVE: Before Intimacy..

Hey SoulFolks,

I hope that you are enjoying my “7DAYS OF LOVE” series where I am bringing you tips and advice for making Valentine’s Day plans. I’ve been trying to keep these posts straight to the point, so here we go.

You’ll need an open mind for this one…

Before intimacy there are some rituals that you can practice to prepare yourself spiritually and emotionally before the actual physical aspect of intimacy. Not only can these phenomenally improve your sexual experiences, but they also give you an overall sense of clarity, love and peace.

Tantric massage

You may be saying to yourself what in the hell does tantric mean? Im going to break it down for ya. Tantra is from the Sankrit root word tan meaning to manifest or show. This is an intentionally erotic massage that uses sexual energy to obtain a higher state of consciousness. The ultimate goal of this type of massage is to use sensual touches to awaken the seven chakras, or energy centers along the spine. Tantra massages alleviate emotional and physical pain and also gives the recipient sexual arousal leaving them prepared for an ecstatic sexual experience. There are therapists who are experts in this type of massage that will teach you and your mate how to correctly perform this so that you may explore all of its benefits. There are also many videos with demonstrations that will show you how to create an atmosphere for this type of massage. This should only be performed between actual lovers and married couples so take this seriously as you should any intimate activities.Image result for tantra massage room

Yoni Eggs and Love Wands

Yoni eggs are small egg shaped crystals that are used to strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. When used properly these crystals can drastically change your sexual experiences for the better. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for sacred space which is referring to the female sex organ known as vagina. Yes you guessed it that’s where these crystals go! After regular use, yoni eggs gives your sacred space a power to squeeze and grip to your partner at will. It’s powerful! There are also love wands that are also made of crystals. Each crystal has a meaning and a purpose.Image result for yoni eggs

When purchasing crystals for the purpose of sexual health and connecting with yourself in a more spiritual aspect, it’s important to use the crystals you purchase correctly. Crystals are healing mechanisms and should be taken very seriously. There are personal and deep rituals to practice before actual use that allow these to work to your advantage. Image result for rose quartz love wand

Soul Gazing

Soul gazing is an eye contact ritual. This opens up the energy channel between your eyes and the eyes of your mate. A form of communication begins and you and your mate are actually having an intimate gaze through one another’s soul. The goal is for both partners to harmonize or bring together their energies creating an open heart space where deeper intimacy can be achieved. This practice can be a bit difficult due to it being uncomfortable in the beginning. The end result is priceless though. You’ll find yourselves deeply connected like you have never experienced before.


So Soulfolks, I have shared with you some secrets I have been hanging on to that I’ve learned from years of reading and demonstrations. My wish is that you further research these practices and learn the benefits of each one before diving right in. It’s important to know that the atmosphere must be set. You have a few days left to figure out what you think will work for you. I hope you find this post helpful if you’re planning on a night on intimacy this coming Valentine’s Day. Like comment subscribe and share. Peace and Love.




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