I’ve Been Neglecting My Breasts

Hey Soul Mommas,

I really have been neglecting my breasts these past years.YEARS I SAID!

As a women I find it pretty challenging to take care of my entire self. Look at all that comes with being feminine.

Shaving or styling hair, keeping nails clean, making sure your lady parts are always pH balanced, keeping your skin moisturized, eating healthy, drinking enough water, maintaining an active lifestyle, keeping eyebrows in check, teeth and mouth cleansing, ears, nose, armpits and a cycle every month!  EVERYTHING! IT’S ALOT!

With all that, I find myself not paying much attention to my breasts. I’ve been not taking the time out to massage my own breasts and not self examining them like I should be doing.

This post is about breast cancer awareness and what we should be doing as young women to make sure we are aware of when our bodies are speaking to us. Along with all the other things mentioned above it’s extremely important to check our breasts and make sure everything feels normal to us.

Although it isn’t October and no cancer isn’t 100% preventable, I feel the need to share with my peers that when it comes to self care that also means making sure all parts of us are healthy! Don’t be like me and neglect your breasts.

As young women, at least twice a month we should be visually inspecting our breast. About once a month it’s necessary to perform self exams either in the shower or lying down. Using the pads of your finger, gently move your finger from the outside to the center of your breasts checking for knots, lumps or unusual thickening in your breasts. Check both breasts each time you do your own exams. You want to make sure you check your armpits as well. Lightly squeeze nipples to check for discharge and remember to make mental notes of the appearance of your breast from month to month.

Image result for black womens breast

Of course self examinations alone may not be enough. It is so important to start getting screened because mammograms can detect tumors that may not be felt during a self exam. If you do find that there may be a lump, it is best to call your physician to schedule an appointment as soon as you can. Not to panic though because not all lumps are cancerous.

With self examinations and paying attention to our bodies we can be aware of the changes, notify our doctor and that way if we are affected, early detection sky rockets the chances for beating breast cancer.

We all know that there are risk factors when it comes to breast cancer. Some factors like genetics we have no control over but other factors like smoking we do. It’s important that we try to live the best lifestyle we can regardless of our circumstances.

Another thing is that many women who have had breast cancer become survivors and lead wonderful lives! I look up to the women I have met in my life who has overcome breast cancer. Many of them eat well and take the best care of  which inspire myself and other to do the same. There is a reason they are survivors!

Yes I have been neglecting my breasts worrying about all the other parts of me but that will not continue. I hope that this posts will wake up others and think about their breasts a little more often. Many of us who are in our 20’s are not exempt from things like breast cancer. Listen to your body, give it the care and attention it needs so that you can live a healthy, purposeful life. I will be self examining my breast tonight. I hope you do too! Boobies serve more purpose than we think. Women are designed beautifully so we must beautifully take care of us! Like comment subscribe and share!



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