Fall Character Improvements Anyone??

Hey Soul Mommas,

It has truly been an eventful summer.

I took a summer break from writing for some time to prepare for major exams and I am very happy to report that I did pass the exams necessary for me to become a full time teacher here in the state of Texas! I was able to jump many career hurdles that had been hanging over my heads for the last few years!

Along with studying for exams I have done some road trips around Texas and attended quite a few concerts. I completed four full weeks of not eating meat and three of those four not consuming dairy. That was a huge accomplishment for me. Even with all the happiness and freedom I found myself in this summer and even now, has opened up my eyes to many things about self. I have a handful of goals that I still hadn’t accomplished and many things about my very own character that I wanted to practice making a difference in.

This year I will be coming upon my twenty seventh birth anniversary and I want to be in a mind set to where I trust my instinct more than that of others. Ideally I’d like to be even more professional in my tone and I want to be productive in all of my day to day activities.  I want to find the time to focus on a lifestyle of health.

Not meeting my weight loss goals was probably the worse for me as it seemed to me that I took great steps to get on the right path. Moving forward, I think discipline is going to be one of the character improvements I focus on the most of all.

How exactly do we make character improvements? Image result for character definition

I have a plan that I will be putting into action this week. Taking insecurities and questioning myself and churning them into a life of prosperity and greatness.

  1. I am going to be revisiting “The Purpose Driven Life”. If there are any other inspirational and timeless books like this one, please drop the titles in the comments below. Sometimes it’s important as mothers and just being a lady to self motivate and remind yourself what it is you are here to do! This won’t be my only read but it is going to be the one I focus on to help deal with the frustrations of not getting it all done. I think reading just puts a lot of things into perspective as opposed to listening to someone lecture you. Reading allows you to stop where you are and think about how what you just read applies to YOU!
  2. Practice Practice…To master something it must be learned and practiced. Professionalism for me is a self-esteem issue but not in a serious way. You see I always have this thought that you can present yourself as professional as you think you are. The problem with professionalism is that the shit is just so subjective. It’s an individuality thing and an idea. Yes you can have on the blandest black suit and white button down but someone else may perceive you less than professional because you’re in that bland ass suit with lemonade braids. I’ve learned professionalism, hell I am in a professional business fraternity. What it is I’ll be practicing is being MY BEST professional without all of the insecurities of feeling like I’m not professional enough. I guess it’s the confidence aspect of professionalism. It’s natural for some. Kudos to ya’ll! For the rest of us young adults it’s going to take some extra practice to know even outside of your thoughts you are 100% qualified if you chose to wear that polka dot blouse.
  3. Day to day productivity leads to success.. I’m a true believer in how you spend your days and nights reflects how closer you are to the things that matter most to you. Setting a goal everyday use to be routine and now I’ll be doing that but a little differently. I recently invested in this nice sized white dry erase board where daily I’ll be writing my goal or goals for that day and even for the week. At first I was thinking what if I don’t crush these goals I’m just going to be over depressing my self?? Think about it though. What if you were running a race and there is no real finish line for you to cross? What if you’re planning a party with no date for the party?  Putting a finish line on my day is just going to show myself I finished strong. Your goal can be as small as ” I won’t use any curse words” Set it! Kill it!
  4. You know how I feel about journaling. Journal your interactions and critique yourself. About once a week really focus on your wording during conversation, the way you manage your time and what you ate. Sometimes if you want to improve you have to put yourself under your own microscope just to really dissect what you can add and eliminate to be better!
  5. Discipline and oh how it goes so closely with sacrifice. To better discipline myself especially when it comes to my food choices, I’m going to pack lunch plus 5$ for emergencies and leave my debit card at home! I bet that seems a little extreme but this is great to put into practice when you simply can’t make good choices for lunch. Also this will help with saving. In addition to leaving the cards at home, I have to push myself to get an adequate amount of physical activity in my day. I bought a bike and some workout equipment to get in a good groove. That alone, the fact that I paid some good money for those things is going to get me moving frequently.


Of course there is so much more to improve on in our daily lives. We’ve just begun to live so were going to wise up year by year and even day by day. Mental growth and even physical growth is inevitable. You go through so many different life situations. Any growth is great, even if the circumstances aren’t so hot. Along with what I’ve mentioned above, I think it’s going to be life changing for me personally, to start blocking out the opinions of others and learning that when I make executive decisions that directly effect me I have to whole heartedly trust ME! Just because an opinion or someone else’s advice “sounds” like they have your best interest doesn’t mean you are wrong for the decisions you already made. What works for others may not work for you. My pastor used to say “get all you can but dont can all you get”. It sticks with me in that it’s okay to welcome this or that but use your discernment on those things you shouldn’t pay attention to.

Don’t let anyone control you, your thoughts or actions.

I’m interested in hearing from my soul folks, what are you going to be doing for character building and bringing forth a more dedicated you? How do you cope with not completing all of your goals? What’s something unique in your routine that keeps you going and grounded?

Drop some ideas in the comments!  I love hearing from yall! Thank you for reading and remember to like share and subscribe!

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