Soul Mommas is a blog designed to address overcoming negatives and the awesome   positives powers and privileges of young motherhood, natural beauty, music and nutrition! I’ll be featuring here:

-artists who inspire

-natural products for hair, skin and nails

-products that promote natural parenting and parenting with soul

-creating the lifestyle you desire with your children


-promoting practices to transition into total wellness

– fitness tips and more!

Just a little bit about myself and the inspiration behind Soul Mommas…

Hi! I’m Jazz born December 1990 in Houston, Texas. I am a graduate of Lamar University! I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice in May 2013 with aspirations of becoming a detective. Shortly after graduation I took a job as a teacher’s aide here in Houston and decided that I would rather pursue a career as a teacher!

(scatterbrained.. I know!)



Anyway on February 27, 2015, I gave birth to my daughter Azaria and chose to exclusively breastfeed her. This was my first pregnancy and I decided to document most of my activity and what I ate just to share with other young mothers about birthing a healthy baby! My second daughter Daria was born on March 10, 2016 and ill also share details about that one as well!


Here’s why I decided to birth Soul Mommas:

Much of what will be featured here are things that go unnoticed! Not because it isn’t a good product, or good music, or good food but more because it isn’t well known! Let’s face it, great neo soul artists will not get the same exposure as Beyoncé and natural products and natural parenting is not trendy! So finding information, deals and reviews on these things are rare! Soul Mommas is designed for “the differents” out there, people who are apart from what everyone else is conformed to, and people who appreciate and know what isn’t well-known!

I hope you find your connection here with me! Feel free to share what you know, that I may not, whether it is food, music, products, hair or being a young  momma with soul! I’ll share many of my experiences as I was not able to find a lot of information on much of what I wanted or needed while pregnant and even after birth!

You don’t have to be a mom to connect with me!

Cheers to hidden gems!


One thought on “ABOUT SM

  1. Ernestine Rose says:

    I’m impressed! I knew nothing about you except for the fact that you are the mother of Daria. I loved your blog intro! My website is down now, so you can’t check out my blog, but hopefully, I’ll get it back soon. I love the whole natural mama, hair, artist thing. You go, girl! I was just looking for more more baby pictures!


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