About Soul Mommas

Soul Mommas is a lifestyle blog that features everything from inspiration, reviews, tips, travel, fashion, recipes and ideas! Every week Soul Mommas will have fresh content for the soul. Whether you’re a new momma, been a momma or not a momma at all there’s something here for you! For all of the lovers of natural hair, foodies, mothers and music connoisseurs, feel free to read away at Soul Mommas as I’ll be touching on many different topics throughout the site!

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  1. I’m impressed! I knew nothing about you except for the fact that you are the mother of Daria. I loved your blog intro! My website is down now, so you can’t check out my blog, but hopefully, I’ll get it back soon. I love the whole natural mama, hair, artist thing. You go, girl! I was just looking for more more baby pictures!


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