Hey Soul Mommas!

I wanted to discuss the natural ways I felt I helped my labor get started! I know a lot of young ladies like myself get to the last weeks of pregnancy and are anxious to meet the little one! I myself made it to 39 weeks with a closed cervix. After hearing the news from my OB that I was not making any progress, I was not only annoyed but discouraged. I then found myself asking a doula on natural ways to induce labor.

Here is what I feel worked for me!

1. Natural raspberry leaf tea-I purchased this tea from Kroger and also bought a small container of honey. I had this tea warm in the mornings and evenings in my last week of pregnancy. Not only did I have this tea but I also purchased Raspberry Peak tea to have regularly with my meals. Just to be honest I had somehow gotten away from 2 liters of water a day to having tea day in and day out! Please do not do this..drink your water! The reason I believed this tea may have helped is because my very next OB appointment after all this tea drinking was that I am dilated 2cm!

2. Pineapple- After hearing what I felt was great news, that I was 2cm dilated, I knew that pineapple would be the next best thing to do the trick to get labor going. Supposedly pineapple contains enzymes that help the cervix to soften. I went to HEB, which is an awesome grocery store here in Texas, and purchased 2 large pineapples and had them to cut them into chunks for me there in the produce section. I also purchased a 48oz 100% pineapple juice. I went home I ate those pineapple until the roof of my mouth couldn’t take it any more! I followed every meal with pineapple juice while still having tea in the morning and evening. I believe this method worked because I went into labor literally 24 hours after eating the pineapple and finishing the 48oz of juice which was the same day I bought It was good!

Now ladies I feel I somewhat rushed this process but I gave birth one day before my due date so it was time. But even if this doesn’t work for you these are delicious ways to feel you are making an impact. Now that I have had my daughter I wouldn’t rush this process If I were to ever get pregnant again.The postpartum life for me was crazy but that is another topic for another!

Feel free to share what you think got you going into labor!


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